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Auxilium | \ ȯgˈzilēəm\


Pronounced: /au̯kˈ

Meaning: help, aid or support

Recent statistics show that businesses with fewer than 100 employees account for 98.2 percent of all businesses in the country. With ever-changing technologies and compliance requirements, many of these businesses lack the tools they need to improve their efficiency and growth — that’s where we come in.

Auxilium HCM is a provider of simple and comprehensive payroll-related solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Being a small company with highly experienced payroll professionals, we understand that regardless of an organization’s size, managing employer obligations and expenses has a big impact on the bottom line. Hence, our goal is to enable our clients to have more time to manage and develop their business by making human capital management, simple efficient and easily accessible.

Because no two businesses are the same, we offer our clients the flexibility to customize payroll solutions, so their selected options are perfectly catered to their unique business requirements. Wherever there is an opportunity to improve payroll for our clients, we are on it. We strive to be the best, not necessarily the biggest, so that we create a personal experience that makes us our clients’ most reliable business partner.

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