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Payroll Processing

Our intuitive cloud-based software makes payroll processing a breeze. Enter your payroll online or set it up and let it run automatically. Changes can be made at any time depending on your needs. A comprehensive array of reports is available electronically making it easy to access data on the go. Employees can have the ability to view their check stubs and pay history online, making the payroll process, simple, efficient, and effective.

Tax & Regulatory Compliance

We calculate, pay and file your federal, state and most local payroll taxes in an accurate and timely manner. We also remit employee garnishments to the relevant authorities to help ensure you stay compliant within the law. All tax returns and quarterly wage and earnings reports are readily available electronically. Employees or contractors can be set up to have easy access to their W-2s or 1099s at year-end.

Time & Labor

From sophisticated systems to simple badge swipes, we offer the most advanced technology in time capture and management. Hardware options include biometric hand swipe, GPS tracking/PDA smartphone, bar code reader, magnetic strip and proximity. Software options include web-based applications “in the cloud” that directly integrate with payroll and HR. Employees can use the intuitive mobile app, virtual clocks or a web browser to clock-in and clock-out.



Streamline all your human resources processes by managing all your pertinent employee data in one place. Easily track employee information such as education, skills, certifications, company assets and much more. Robust reporting capabilities allow managers to make important decisions based on the latest, most accurate employee information.

Benefits Data Management

Increase and maintain data accuracy by managing payroll and benefits information in one easy-to-access platform. Schedule deductions across all lines of insurance to eliminate potential errors and data duplication. Easily obtain vital employee benefits data through comprehensive reports that can be used to assess various plan options at renewal.

Ancillary Services

We offer payroll cash cards, pay-as-you workers’ compensation insurance, background checks and HR consulting services through long-term partners that offer our clients the highest level of service with our lowest negotiated prices.

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